Cross-Country: The Southern Tier 3/5-5/1$1029058Space Space AdvancedCall Us!
Bermuda Blues 3/15-3/20$24906Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
Mississippi: Natchez Trace Parkway 4/12-4/18$21907Space Medium SpaceAlmost Sold Out
Cross-Country: Atlantic Coast NEW!4/21-6/12$989053Space Space AdvancedCall Us!
East Coast Meander NEW!5/8-5/20$399013Beginner Moderate SpaceGuaranteed
Jersey Shore: Cape May 5/8-5/11$13904Beginner Moderate SpaceGuaranteed
California Wine Country NEW!5/10-5/15$21906Space Medium AdvancedAlmost Sold Out
Washington DC Bikeways 5/12-5/16$15905Beginner Space SpaceGuaranteed
Maryland Eastern Shore - Northern 5/17-5/20$13404Beginner Moderate SpaceGuaranteed
France: Castles and Wine NEW!5/19-5/31$550013Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
France: Castles of Loire Valley NEW!5/19-5/25$28907Beginner Moderate SpaceAlmost Sold Out
France: Burgundy Wine Country NEW!5/25-5/31$29907Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks 6/4-6/11$27908Space Medium Space5% Discount
Massachusetts Island Hopper: Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard 6/12-6/16$17905Beginner Space SpaceCall Us!
NY: Niagara Falls & the Finger Lakes 6/18-6/25$24908Beginner Moderate SpaceGuaranteed
Niagara Falls Pathways 6/18-6/21$13404Beginner Space SpaceGuaranteed
New York: Finger Lakes Wine Country 6/22-6/25$12904Space Medium SpaceGuaranteed
Epic Tour: Cascades to Glacier NEW!6/26-7/13$399018Space Space AdvancedAlmost Sold Out
Alaska and The Yukon: The Golden Circle 6/27-7/5$27009Space Medium AdvancedCall Us!
Ireland: Connemara 7/4-7/11$25908Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
Yukon Canoe and Bike NEW!7/9-7/17$24509Space Medium AdvancedCall Us!
Ireland: Connemara 7/11-7/18$25908Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
Epic Tour: Around Lake Erie 7/13-7/26$309014Space Medium AdvancedGuaranteed
Bike and Barge: Mantua to Venice NEW!7/18-7/25$17908Beginner Space SpaceCall Us!
Idaho: Teton Valley 7/19-7/25$23907Beginner Moderate SpaceGuaranteed
Bike and Barge: Venice to Mantua NEW!7/25-8/1$17908Beginner Space SpaceCall Us!
Niagara Falls Pathways 7/28-7/31$13404Beginner Space SpaceGuaranteed
Idaho: Sun Valley 7/29-8/5$27908Space Medium Advanced5% Discount
Bike and Barge: Mantua to Venice NEW!8/1-8/8$17908Beginner Space SpaceCall Us!
Glacier National Park 8/8-8/15$27908Space Medium AdvancedCall Us!
New York: Finger Lakes Wine Country 8/9-8/12$12904Space Medium SpaceGuaranteed
Bike and Barge: Mantua to Venice 8/15-8/22$17908Beginner Space SpaceCall Us!
Maine: Acadia National Park 8/15-8/20$21906Space Medium SpaceAlmost Sold Out
Idaho Greenways 8/17-8/22$21906Beginner Space SpaceGuaranteed
Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks 9/4-9/11$27908Space Medium SpaceGuaranteed
Prince Edward Island NEW!9/7-9/14$25908Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
Jersey Shore: Cape May 9/8-9/11$13904Beginner Moderate Space5% Discount
Prince Edward Island NEW!9/14-9/21$25908Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
Massachusetts Island Hopper: Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard 9/18-9/22$17905Beginner Space SpaceGuaranteed
Maryland Eastern Shore - Northern 9/24-9/27$13404Beginner Moderate SpaceGuaranteed
New Mexico: Land of Enchantment 9/24-9/30$22907Space Medium SpaceGuaranteed
Utah: St. George Red Rock Canyons 10/4-10/17$44907Space Medium Advanced5% Discount
Utah: Red Rock Canyonlands and Arches 10/4-10/17$449014Space Medium AdvancedGuaranteed
Pennsylvania Dutch Country 10/4-10/9$21906Space Medium SpaceCall Us!
Utah: Moab Arches and Canyonlands 10/11-10/17$23907Space Medium AdvancedGuaranteed
Kentucky Bluegrass NEW!10/16-10/21$21906Space Medium AdvancedCall Us!
California Wine Country NEW!10/25-10/30$21906Space Medium AdvancedAlmost Sold Out
Outer Banks of North Carolina 10/25-10/30$21906Beginner Moderate SpaceGuaranteed
Bermuda Blues 11/1-11/6$24906Space Medium SpaceGuaranteed
Death Valley National Park 11/8-11/13$22906Space Medium Space5% Discount
Florida Gulf Coast 11/9-11/15$24907Beginner Moderate Space5% Discount
New Zealand Southern Alps 2/26-3/7$399011Space Medium Advanced5% Discount
Atlantic Coast Southern - Florida to Virginia 4/19-5/19$609031Space Space AdvancedGuaranteed
Cross-Country: Atlantic Coast 4/19-6/10$1049053Space Space AdvancedGuaranteed
Alaska: The Inside Passage 5/14-5/22$37509Beginner Moderate Space
Atlantic Coast Northern - Virginia to Maine 5/19-6/10$469024Space Space AdvancedGuaranteed
Yukon Canoe and Bike 7/25-8/2$26509Space Medium Advanced
Cross-Country: The Southern Tier 3/9-5/7$1099058Space Space AdvancedGuaranteed
New York: Adirondack State Park 7Space Medium Space
Northern Tier: Western Segment 35Space Medium Advanced
Italy: Basilicata by Bike 8Space Medium Space
Epic Tour Northern Tier: Eastern Segment 43Space Medium Advanced
Idaho: Tour de Tetons 7Space Medium Advanced
Amalfi Coast of Italy 9Space Medium Space
Epic Tour: Pacific Coast 30Space Medium Advanced
Texas Hill Country 7Space Medium Advanced
Italy: Tuscany 8Space Medium Space
Cross-Country: Underground Railroad Bike Tour 38Space Medium Advanced
Epic Tour: Around Lake Superior 26Space Medium Advanced
Colorado: Our Ride the Rockies 8Space Medium Advanced
Louisiana: Biking the Bayou 7Beginner Moderate Space
Grand Canyon, Bryce and Capitol Reef National Parks 12Space Medium Advanced
Virginia: Shenandoah National Park 7Space Medium Advanced
Massachusetts: Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard 6Space Medium Space
Idaho: Teton Tune Up 6Beginner Medium Advanced
The White Mountains of New Hampshire 6Space Medium Advanced
Epic Tour: Around Lake Ontario 12Space Medium Advanced
Around Great Lakes Ontario & Erie NEW!27Space Medium Advanced
Epic Tour: The Northwest Loop Bike Tour 31Space Medium Advanced
Vermont: Champlain Valley 6Space Medium Space
Italy: Puglia 8Beginner Moderate Space
North Carolina: Blue Ridge Rambler 6Space Medium Advanced
Maryland Eastern Shore 8Beginner Moderate Space
California: Santa Barbara & The Santa Ynez Valley 6Space Medium Space
Maryland Eastern Shore - Southern 4Beginner Moderate Space
Bicycling in Bhutan 10Space Medium Space
Hawaii: Big Island for Beginners 9Beginner Moderate Space
Hawaii: Circling The Big Island 8Space Medium Advanced
Arizona Spring Training 7Space Medium Space
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